• Bec Thomson

5 tight tips to help achieve work/life balance

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our

own ‘to do’ list.”

Michelle Obama

1. Share the load

Divide all household duties amongst family members. Get your kids involved, they live in the house too :)

Go forth, divide and conquer!

2. The 'boring' shopping

If you are anything like me, you hate how long it takes to do the food shopping, ugh!

My tip? Order online and get it delivered or use the free 'Click and Collect' service. This has been one of the BIGGEST time savers for me. It's the only way I do the food shopping now.

3. Schedule it!

Make electronic calendar appointments with your partner, and I'm talking mostly about the personal ones. As soon as I find out about an important event, I will create it in my calendar and send an invitation to my partner - i.e. parent/teacher interviews.

It might sound bit OTT, but it saves a lot of time, confusion and missed appointments for two busy people!

4. Time Blocker

Speaking of calendars, block out chunks of time in your calendar to spend with your family – whatever works for you. That way, nothing can be booked in at that time. i.e. I block out time to collect my daughter from school and any after school activities :)

It's a win-win, no one can book an appointment in with me during these times and I get a reminder to pick up my daugther!

5. Socials limit

Has your child ever noticed you glued to your phone, while you are busy scrolling away?!

Limit time on socials, it might sound obvious but scrolling through socials is an absolute time suck and procrastination enabler. There is a quick setting on Instagram that will let you know when you've reached your daily limit. Handy, huh?!

Here's a quick YouTube to show you how to do this:

And that's it!

These five tips have really helped me, I hope they can help you too :)


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