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What is a Style Guide and why do I need one?

A Style Guide is a very handy asset to have for a business. ‘But what actually is it?’ you might be asking?

Well, the Style Guide is a document that holds all of your branding elements within it. Colours (exact colours!), brand font (typeface), brand assets available (i.e. any brand specific illustrations), what style of images to use and the way the logo should and shouldn’t be used are all examples of what is in a Style Guide - (think of it as your branding bible).

All of these things (if followed) ensure your brand’s consistency and in turn, develop awareness and recognition for your business, so that trust is established with your audience - see previous post about consistent branding.

You can see examples of Style Guides right on our website, here and here.

If you'd like a quote on producing a custom style guide specifically for your business, please just contact me.


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