• Bec Thomson

3 Hot Internet hacks you will want to know

1. Navigate browser tabs

I ALWAYS have sooooo many tabs open in my browser, so this is tip is the best….To quickly navigate to the next tab open in your browser, just press CTRL + TAB - easy as that :)

2. Quickly reopen a closed tab

Ever closed a tab by mistake? To quickly reopen it, just press CTRL + SHIFT + T (or COMMAND + SHIFT + T on a MAC). Keep pressing it to open all the tabs you've closed recently. It even works after you've entirely closed and reopened your browser!

3. Use Google Search to find Complete Phrase

Not sure of the complete phrase that you are thinking of? Use Google to help you work it out – just type the phrase into the search within quotation marks and use an * in place of the missing words:

“Don’t * a book by its cover”

They were too good not to share, I hope you found them useful!


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